About dandy Innovations

We offer state-of-the-art laboratory equipment built upon the latest knowledge and innovation, and designed to empower scientists with the right infrastructure to further their research and development goals. We are committed to developing cutting-edge tools to help streamline the methods used in scientific experiments, and we pledge to facilitate innovation through devices that support the work of 21st Century scientists.

Our Vision

We believe that scientists make the most of their time when they focus on critical aspects of their work, rather than on engaging in routine methods. We facilitate a comfortable and optimal work environment by bringing the right equipment into scientists’ domain. dandy Innovations aims to be at the forefront of scientific transformation, empowering scientists with the right tools to make their work easier, faster, and more efficient.

dandyVice - making it easy to work in the lab!

Dear scientists, get ready for some good news about filtering materials in the lab! For the first time ever, you can work in the lab without experiencing any hand pain whatsoever, thanks to dandyVice! It’s the only solution for filtering materials in a syringe without straining the thumb, thereby preventing long-term pain and damage. dandyVice, a registered patent, is now available for sale, by direct order, on the dandy Innovations website.

R&D Department

Our dedicated team of R&D experts focuses on developing tools and devices
to support laboratory needs in: